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Even Pets Can Get Back to School Blues

ImageEven pets can get back to school blues as their routine changes. Allentown Animal Clinic has a few tips to ease your pets into the new school year as well.

While back to school time can bring lots of excitement to the house for the humans, it can bring some uneasiness to your pets. All summer long Fluffy and Fido had someone around to hang out with, now that he/she is alone it can lead to depression and anxiety.

1. Start to incorporate the new school day routine early. Try getting up earlier and taking your pet for a walk or having some morning playtime. Run some afternoon errands so your pet can get used to a quiet house in the middle of the day.

2. Try a new “special toy” that your pet gets only while the kids are at school. Let the kids give it to him/her in the morning as they leave for the bus and then take it away when they arrive home. This can help your pet look forward to his “special toy”, rather than build anxiety as everyone is getting ready to leave for the day.

3. Try adding some mental stimulation for your pet. Instead of feeding your pet’s full meal in it’s bowl each morning, you can try hiding some it around the house or in a Kong toy. Your pet will be so busy looking for their breakfast or a special treat, he won’t even realize you’re gone!

4. You may also consider sending your dog to camp. While the kids are away at school it may be fun for Fido to go to school, too! Look for doggie daycare centers in your area. Just be sure your pet is up to date on all vaccines before you send him off to “school.”

These are just a few fun ways to help your pet adjust to his new schedule! Share your ideas with us as well!


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