Fourth of July Pet Safety

ImageWhile you’re preparing for your Fourth of July barbecue and looking forward to lounging with family and friends, take some time to prepare some safety measures for your pet this holiday. 

More pets get lost on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. Be sure your pet has a visible and up to date ID on at all times during the holiday festivities. You may even want to take a current photo of your pet, too, just in case.

Give your pet a good workout early in the day. A tired pet may be less likely to be anxious and startle easily.

Ask guests to kindly refrain from feeding your pets any table food. You could keep some kibble or dog treats out for those guests that simply cannot refuse those fuzzy, begging faces! Maybe, even request that everyone try to keep an eye out for pets to be sure they don’t try to escape.

Fireworks, sparklers, and charcoal are extremely dangerous for pets. Keep this stuff far out of reach of pets.

If your pet is afraid of loud noises, place them in an escape proof room with some music playing during the fireworks. If you will be heading out to watch fireworks, perhaps leave your pet with a good chew toy rather than having them join in the festivities.

Allentown Animal Clinic wants everyone to stay safe this Fourth of July! Enjoy your holiday!