Flea Prevention and Control

With Spring just around the corner and the warm temperatures we’ve been experiencing this past winter flea prevention and control are something pet owner’s need to be thinking about now to avoid fighting a losing battle come mid- to late summer.

With new product innovations and insight into flea biology pet owners can avoid severe infestations by taking action before fleas are abundant. The majority of the adult flea’s life is spent on the pet, not in the carpet. The adult fleas lay their eggs on the pet’s fur and those eggs fall onto the carpeting, under furniture, and anywhere the pet lays. To prevent future generations pet owners can break the cycle of flea development by killing the eggs or by eliminating the egg-laying adults.

Several products have become available that are convenient, affordable, and effective.

Topical Spot-On Treatments (Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix): A convenient product which involves applying a few drops of medication between the shoulder blades of the animal. Frontline Plus kills 98-100% of adult fleas within 24 hours and contains an added ingredient that kills flea eggs and larvae. This makes it one of the most complete of the spot treatments.

Oral Pill (Program, Capstar): Oral pills render the flea eggs sterile and prevent them from hatching when administered once a month.

Premise Treatment (KnockOut Spray): Products that will be the most effective include an ingredient effective against adult fleas as well as an insect growth regulator which provides long term suppression.

When treating the indoor premises remember to:

Remove pet food/water dishes, cover fish tanks, and disconnect their aerators.

Wash or destroy all pet bedding.

VACUUM! Vacuuming removes many of the eggs, larvae, and pupae developing within the home.

By initiating treatment now you will greatly reduce the potential for an infestation later in the season.

Talk to your veterinarian about which options may be best for you and your pets!