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Top Pet Tips for Fall

ImageKeep your furry friends healthy and happy this fall!

Ahhh! Fall is here! It’s the time of year for football, cool crisp air, beautiful fall leaves, and possibly a bit of snow! It’s a great time to get your pets outside! Dogs love a good romp in the freshly fallen leaves! Cats enjoy the midday sunshine as the days get shorter.

Keep your pets healthy and help them enjoy the season by following Allentown Animal Clinic’s fall pet tips!

Rat poison and other rodenticides

Fall is the time of year when mice, rats and other rodents scurry inside for warmth. Be careful when it comes to mouse traps and rodent poisons. Many poisons currently on the market can be very harmful to household pets. Talk to your veterinarian about safe pest control methods.

If your pets do get a hold of a rodent be sure to monitor closely for any signs of illness.

Fatten up!

As the temperatures drop, it can take more energy to stay warm. You may need to feed your pet a bit more to help compensate. Before you change your pet’s feeding, be sure to discuss with your veterinarian.

Antifreeze Toxicity

Some people start to winterize their vehicles when the fall weather hits. This includes changing fluids such as antifreeze, which can be deadly for pets. Just a teaspoon or two can kill a small dog or cat! Chemicals in antifreeze has a sweet smell that is very enticing to pets. It’s imperative to clean up any spills immediately and keep your pets out of the garage while working on your car.

Chocolate and hearty foods

Both fall and winter are big holiday season, where we tend to eat a lot more heavy foods and sweets. Make sure your pets don’t get into food that can make them sick. This includes chocolates, grapes, and raisins! Other foods that are too rich, and high in fat can cause stomach upset and some serious medical conditions.


Brought to you by Allentown Animal Clinic, and our friends at PHN.


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