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Adopt a Shelter Cat Month


June is here, which means warmer weather for us, and the beginning of Summer. It also means kitten season is upon us and already filled shelters are taking in even more homeless animals. This makes it an excellent time to adopt a new cat from a local shelter.

Allentown Animal Clinic has your Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat!

10. Millions of pets are living in shelters. By adopting a cat from shelter you are helping, rather than contributing to the overpopulation of homeless animals.

9. Shelter cats come in all shapes and sizes and are cheaper than going to a breeder. Walk into a shelter and you can find just about any type of cat you are looking for. An older, mellow cat would be a great companion for an older person who needs a cuddle buddy. If you’re looking for a kitten or an adolescent cat, your local shelter will probably have quite a few, especially during kitten season!

8. Shelter kitties come ready to go! When you adopt a cat from a shelter, the cat is already spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines. Shelter kitties are living indoors and most are around other cats which means most will come litter trained and well-socialized.

7. You will feel better and so will the lucky cat that gets to come home with you! Adopt a shelter cat and you have a devoted friend for life. You’ll feel better because you got to give a special kitty a home and the kitty will love you unconditionally!

6. If you have children, adopting a pet from a shelter can help open the eyes of young people to the overpopulation of animals. It also teaches young children, compassion and responsibility.

5. You’ll be less likely to have any surprises when adopting from a shelter. Shelter staff assesses each animal that comes through the door so they will be able to educate you and help you find a cat whose personality will best fit into your home and lifestyle.

4. By adopting a cat from a shelter you’ll be setting an example for others. Show your new cat to your friends and family. They may just want to go out and adopt a special, loving companion for themselves too!

3. Adopting a cat from a shelter will certainly enrich your life in numerous ways, but it may even make you healthier! Studies show that the calming presence of having a cat in the house lowered blood pressure and reduced the risk of heart attack.

2. Cats are independent and don’t need a lot of space. This means they will be okay while you’re away at work all day and are great companions for apartment dwellers.

1. You’ll be saving a life! Maybe even two. By adopting a shelter cat, you’re making room for another homeless pet that needs to be cared for.


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