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National Pet Weeks is May 5-11


The first full week of May is National Pet Week. It’s a week to celebrate our pets, promote responsible pet ownership, and celebrate the bond we have with our pets! What could be better than that?!

Looking for some ways to help you celebrate your pets? Allentown Animal Clinic has a few suggestions!

Give them a little something extra

While fat pets do not equal happy, healthy pets, perhaps, this week just slip your pet a little special treat. Most dogs and cats like veggies. Try offering them a baby carrot or a piece of sweet potato. Got birds? Try giving them a tasty treat, some papaya or mango. Remember that feeding a well balanced diet and making sure your pet gets enough exercise are key to keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Have Fun!

Maybe, just, maybe…let Fido sneak up next to you on the couch or let Fluffy outside (on a leash and supervised, of course!)  for a few minutes. Perhaps, this week on your walk let the dog choose the direction you head or take an extra long walk…or even a nice hike.

Don’t have a pet?

Maybe now is the time to adopt one! There are plenty of great pets, cats, dogs, even pocket pets at your local shelter that are looking for a home! If now is not the time for you to bring a new pet home…celebrate the week by volunteering some time at your local shelter.

This week and always keep in mind that it’s important to have a relationship with a good veterinarian and to maintain yearly wellness visits and vaccines for your pets. By having your pets spayed and neutered you are keeping hundreds of animals out of the already over-burdened animal shelters.

So, whether you have pets or not…this week celebrate the enrichment pets bring your life and the lives of others by finding ways to help animals in your area.


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