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Flea Prevention and Control




The groundhog says spring is just around the corner and the warm temperatures we’ve been experiencing this past winter parasite prevention and control are something pet owner’s need to be thinking about now to avoid fighting a losing battle come mid- to late summer.

With new product innovations and insight into flea biology pet owners can avoid severe infestations by taking action before fleas are abundant. The majority of the adult flea’s life is spent on the pet, not in the carpet. The adult fleas lay their eggs on the pet’s fur and those eggs fall onto the carpeting, under furniture, and anywhere the pet lays. To prevent future generations pet owners can break the cycle of flea development by killing the eggs or by eliminating the egg-laying adults.

Ticks are another pesky skin parasite that plague your pets in the spring and fall. Ticks can begin transmitting disease just hours after attaching to your pet! Most tick products do not kill on contact but can paralyze and kill them before they start transmitting disease.

Heartworms are transmitted through mosquito bites and require monthly medication to prevent infection. It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to start an infection! ALL dogs and cats should be protected, even if they are indoor pets.

Allentown Animal Clinic has a comprehensive program to keep your pets parasite free all season long. Contact us today to refill your preventatives before they become a problem in your house.

When you purchase a full year of Heartgard receive $12.00 back!

Purchase your pets Vectra through us and receive 1 FREE dose when you buy 3 or receive 3 FREE doses when you purchase a full box of 6 doses!

By initiating treatment now you will greatly reduce the potential for an infestation later in the season.

Talk to your veterinarian about which options may be best for you and your pets!


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