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National Train Your Dog Month

The new year is just around the corner. It’s a time we all vow to break bad habits and get healthier. It can also be a time for your dog to break a few bad habits, himself! January is National Train Your Dog Month, a month to bring awareness to the importance of socialization and training, and most of all, to inform the public that training your dog can be easy and fun!

Too many dogs are turned into shelters each year because of behavioral issues. Most of these issues can be avoided with proper training and socialization. There are many options available to help with the process. Check with local pet stores for puppy classes and socialization groups. A properly socialized puppy is crucial to healthy psychological development as he grows into an adult. There are also many private training facilities that offer group classes as well as private classes to provide some one-on-one attention to deal with specific behavioral concerns.

Training your dog has limitless benefits for both you and your dog! Training is a great activity to do together and allows you to form a better bond with your pet. A well behaved dog is able to interact more in family activities and join in the fun when company comes over. The basics of training focus on simple behaviors. Once these dogs learn the basics you can move on to trick training.


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