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Winter Activities for Dogs


Winter is upon us and so are the holidays. It’s the time of year we all put on a few extra pounds…even our dogs!

Allentown Animal Clinic has some winter activities you can do with your dog and keep the extra weight at bay for both you and your dog!

Let it Snow!

Most dogs will enjoy playing in the snow at least for short periods of time. A game of fetch with a bright colored toy or a snowball fight with the kids is a great way to get some exercise and beat the winter doldrums. If your pet has short hair put a jacket on him to protect his skin. Once playtime is over and it’s time to go in remember to check your pet’s feet for any snow and ice that can become wedged between their pads. The ASPCA warns that more pets are lost during the winter months than any other season so be sure your dog has on a collar and ID tags when he’s outside playing.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

If the weather outside is frightful…or if your dog just doesn’t care for the snow, play some games indoors. Hide some low cal treats and let your dog play a game of hide and seek with them. Your dog may even enjoy learning a new trick! Use the long, cold winter season to brush up on training or teach a new trick!

Jingle Bell Rock!

Many local groups offer dog dancing and agility classes! These are great ways to train and socialize a pup during the winter season. Look into shelters and dog groups that offer novice classes and turn your dog into an athlete over the winter.

Reindeer Games

Have friends with dogs too? Schedule a play date! Get your friends and their pooches together for a winter gathering. Make special puppy safe treats for the canine guests and some real cupcakes for yours. If you don’t have space for extra dogs, consider a spa day at a local grooming salon.

Spread some Christmas Cheer

Volunteering with your pet is a great way to spend the long, winter days. You and your pet will enjoy getting out of the house a bit, and senior at a local nursing home would benefit from some wet, puppy kisses! Contact local nursing homes or hospitals to find out about ways you and your pet can volunteer some holiday cheer!


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