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Cold Weather Tips to Keep Pets Safe


Brrrr! It’s getting cold out there! Allentown Animal Clinic has some tips to keep your pets safe and warm this winter!

ImageKeep the Cat In: Cats that are allowed to roam will often seek warmth and shelter under the hood of parked cars, causing injury and even death when the car is started. Also, by allowing the cat to stray puts him at risk of injury and illness from other animals, toxic chemicals, and freezing temperatures.

ImageKeep Fido on a Leash: The ice and snow can block a dogs scent making it difficult for him to find his way home if he were to stray away from home. According to the ASPCA more dogs are lost during winter than any other season!


Give ’em a Paw: Always check your pets feet and belly when they come in from the sleet, snow and ice. Snow and ice that becomes encrusted on your pets feet can injure the foot and pads. Also, dangerously toxic chemicals can be ingested if your dog is licking at his feet or belly.


Bundle Up!: If you have a long haired pet, keep it long in the winter. The extra fur helps to keep in warmth and protect your pets skin from winter’s harsh conditions. If you have a short haired pet, or a pet that is more sensitive to the cold, bundle him up! Consider a winter coat or sweater that protects him from the elements.


Beware of sidewalks and spills: Sidewalk salts and chemicals such as antifreeze are lethal to your pets. Be sure to always check for spills and leaks and clean them up thoroughly. Consider using commercially available pet safe ice melts instead on your own property and encourage neighbors to do the same!


A Warm Place to Sleep: Be sure to provide Fido and Fluffy a warm, cozy place free of drafts and off the floor during the cold, winter months. A fluffy blanket, oversized pillow, or a pet bed all make great options!


Stay safe and warm this winter!



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