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Helping Pets Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Much of the Tri-State area has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Among the many people that lost their homes and belongings, thousands of pets were affected as well.

Now, with another winter storm looming over us, rescue efforts are being amped up to help the animals affected by Hurricane Sandy. Temperatures are dropping and these pets need shelter, food, and medical attention.

Local shelters and animal rescue groups are stretching to the limit to help as many displaced animals as possible. Volunteers and donations are desperately needed.

The ASPCA is working around the clock to help storm victims through this difficult time. Please consider donating to the ASPCA so they may continue their rescue efforts. You can make your donation here.

In recent years it seems disasters like Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina are becoming more frequent. Allentown Animal Clinic would like to also remind you to make your pets a part of your emergency evacuation plan.

Locally, Lehigh Valley County Animal Response Team is available to assist animals in emergency situations. They have resources on their website to help you plan an emergency kit for your family and pets.

Nationally, the ASPCA and The Humane Society are animal rescue groups that respond to these emergencies and disasters.




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