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Celebrate Vet Tech Week October 14-20

October 14-20 is National Veterinary Technician Week so I thought it would be a good time to celebrate the technicians and all they do at Allentown Animal Clinic and at other hospitals around the country.

Veterinary technicians are a key component to our practice and the care that your beloved pets receive at every visit! In most cases you will interact with your technician more than any other member of the veterinary staff.

On any given day, veterinary technicians are needed to take an accurate and informative patient history, fill prescriptions,restrain animals so the doctor can do a thorough exam, draw blood, place IV catheters, run lab work, take radiographs, anesthetize an animal and monitor them under anesthesia, perform dental cleanings, provide nursing care and assist in surgery.

The job of a veterinary technician can be physically demanding at times but if you ask any technician why they chose the profession the answer is almost always the same. They chose it because they love animals! They are the people caring for your animal while it’s in our practice. They are the educators that will discuss topics such as flea and heartworm prevention, nutrition, and behavior at your appointments. They keep veterinary clinics running smooth and efficiently.

The theme of this year’s celebration is that these folks are “T.E.C.H. savvy”, with the acronym standing for Technicians, Educators, Caregivers and Healers. This could not be more truthful; without these vet care professionals aiding and assisting our vets, pets would not receive the high quality care that they need and deserve.

We would like to thank our vet techs as well as the countless others that chose this profession!


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