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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

It’s that time of year again! Time to put on silly costumes, put out spooky decorations, and fill buckets with lots of yummy treats! Halloween can be alot of fun…but can also be a real nightmare for your pets! Keep these safety tips in mind to avoid potential disaster.


Avoid Treats

Those buckets of yummy treats are not good for us…but even worse for Fluffy! Chocolate, raisins, and artificial sweeteners can be dangerous for pets! If you do suspect your pet may have ingested any of these contact your veterinarian immediately.


While a flickering jack-o-lantern looks great on the porch and those spooky spiderwebs can make your house the scariest on the block they can be a potential disaster. Beware of curious pets that may burn themselves on the candles…or worse yet knock one over and start a fire! Artificial spiderwebs can be eaten, causing intestinal upset and potential blockages.


Sure, all the neighbors will “ooh and aah” over that dachschund dressed up as a hot dog or that kitty with the halo and wings but if you are going to dress your pet up in a costume make sure it’s safe. Be sure your pet can move freely and that breathing and vision are not obstructed in any way. Be sure the costume is free of dangling pieces and potential choking hazards.

To Trick-or-Treat, or Not?

Even if your pets are normally sociable and may enjoy visitors, too many strangers coming to the house in a short time may cause unnecessary stress. Also, a scared pet may be more likely to dart out of the door. Consider keeping your pets in a quiet bedroom until trick-or-treat is over.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!





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