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Pet Wellness

Fall is my most favorite time of year! The weather is cooler and it’s a great time to get outdoors and spend some time with my pets! September 28 is World Rabies Day, sponsored by The Global Alliance for Rabies Control,  and October celebrates National Pet Wellness Month so it’s also a great time of year to evaluate Fido and Fluffy’s wellness protocol. It’s a great time, if you haven’t already, to schedule that exam that’s overdue or talk to your veterinarian about a diet and exercise plan to slim Fido down.

Our pet’s age faster than us…5-7 times faster than us! Missing one wellness exam for our pets is like us not seeing the doctor for 5 years! Most veterinarians recommend wellness exams at least once a year, and twice yearly for pets in their golden years. During your pet’s wellness exam your veterinarian will do a thorough examination of Fido’s general body condition, hair, skin, nails, eyes, ears, heart and lungs. If any changes are noted, diagnostic testing such as blood work and x-rays may be recommended to further assess the disease process and aging patterns. This is also a great time to evaluate the vaccine protocol for your pet as well. No vaccine protocol fits all pets. Your veterinarian will take into consideration the lifestyle, environment, and health status of your pet to determine the best vaccine protocol for him!

Some things your veterinarian may recommend at a wellness exam include:

Wellness Bloodwork: Allows your veterinarian to assess organ function and will serve as a baseline as your pet ages. This allows your veterinarian to catch gradual changes and address any issues before they cause serious damage to your pet’s health.

Vaccines: Your veterinarian will determine what vaccines your pet needs based on his/her age and lifestyle.

Preventatives: Flea and tick preventatives to prevent parasite infestation as well as vector-borne illnesses. Heartworm prevention to prevent to heartworm disease–a blood parasite that is often fatal.

Your veterinarian will also ask about any changes you may have noticed in your pet’s behavior and habits. This information helps to detect any early signs of aging and illness.

Celebrate October and Pet Wellness Month by scheduling a wellness exam for your pet!


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